The Long Wind
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The Quality of Blue
by Valarie Massie Watersun

Paperback: 184 pages
Publisher: PublishAmerica (April 26, 2004)

Who would want to abduct River Tyler, a simple, unassuming jewelry designer? She’s sweet and
talented, as well as beautiful, and enchanted Larken Moore from the moment they stumbled across
one another in the busy Miami airport. Yet, weeks after taking over management of a new jewelry
store, she has disappeared and it is up to Larken and retired private eye, Johosh Singer, to discover
her whereabouts.                                 
The problem is, Larken’s not completely sure River hasn’t run off with dynamic businessman, Simon
Minorca.  Minorca is part owner of the jewelry business where River and Larken work and was the
one who insisted on bringing River to Florida. Though mesmerized by River’s charm and their one
night of unexpected passion, Larken has doubts about River’s character. After all, there was that
incident with the man in the nightclub and Larken knows River has been out to la casa Minorca once
for dinner. Then, as if confirming her fears, Johosh tells her that there are strange, wedding-type
preparations at Minorca’s Key West home.
Investigating further, however, Larken soon realizes things aren’t adding up the way they should.
So the chase is on and Larken comes face to face with the fact that she loves River with a fervency
that will take her into harm’s way yet hopefully, back into the arms of ultimate desire



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The Blue Ridge Anthology
by Charlottesville Chapter VA Writers Club (Editor)

Paperback: 324 pages
Publisher: Cedar Creek Publishing (March 7, 2007)

An anthology showcasing local talent in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction, including author Coy
Barefoot, novelist Sarah Honenberger, poet Hilda Ward, and Civil War columnist Jack Trammell.
Contributors include local luminaries like Rita Dove, David Baldacci, and George Garrett.

Contains the award-winning story "The Road, The Rock
" and the poem, "Womanwalk" by Valarie
Massie Watersun.

All in the Seasoning
by Katherine V. Forrest (Editor)

Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Bywater Books; New Ed edition (October 1, 2006)

Celebrate the holidays lesbian style! Celebrate solstice with a firefighter on the job in New York
City, Thanksgiving with a lesbian border patrol agent, Hanukah at a lesbian bar, and Christmas with
a lesbian couple in South Africa. Here are the stories that celebrate our own traditions, stories
about our love and our families and our connections, our own holiday stories. Indulge yourself and
those you love with this sinfully rich assortment of holiday-themed tales by authors tried and
true-Lee Lynch, Katherine V. Forrest, Val McDermid-and by the new writers you'll be glad you

Contains the story "JaneBishop's"
Eyes by Valarie Massie Watersun.

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